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At Chasing Driftwood we believe that everyone has a story to tell…It is our passion and our mission to help you tell yours

Chasing Driftwood Writing Group was set up by author Chantelle Atkins in 2015. Having always struggled to find a writing group that fit in with work and childcare, Chantelle decided to set up her own. After joining The National Association For Writers In Education, Chantelle, a mum of four and former childminder, branched out into delivering creative writing workshops for children in the school holidays, after school writing clubs, writing clubs for home-educated children and writing clubs via Zoom!

In 2017 Chasing Driftwood became a Community Interest Company and in 2019 took on equal partner and Director author Sim Alec Sansford. Together, Chantelle and Sim run writing groups for children and adults, provide editing and proofreading services for authors and provide online courses via Teachable. In 2021 a new subscription service was launched for adult and children.

Our Workshops

Our children’s workshops offer a warm and friendly atmosphere, with individual and group work as well as competitions and on-going support.. All aspects of creative writing are covered, from creating memorable characters, writing realistic dialogue, plotting a story, narration, pace and genre. The focus will be on fun and imagination and children are encouraged to leave the rules at the door and let their imaginations run wild. These workshops are perfect for children who enjoy any kind of writing, and are great for children who need a helping hand in getting their ideas out of their head and onto paper.

We also run writing workshops for adults on various topic such as the pros and cons of self-publishing, building your author platform, and characterisation.

Children’s Creative Writing Clubs

Chantelle runs two after-school creative writing clubs. One at Christchurch Junior School and another at Bransgore C of E Primary. We also run a number of writing clubs for home-educated children and a number of clubs via Zoom. For more details please visit the After-School Club page or feel free to message for more information. If you are a writer who is interested in working with children and running after-school clubs, please do get in touch!

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Chantelle Atkins

Email; chanatkins@hotmail.co.uk

Phone; 07766-833252

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