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The World You Gave Us – workshops

We are very excited to announce our latest community writing project. Last year we published our first anthology under our own imprint, Chasing Driftwood Books – Stay Home – A Year Of Writing Through Lockdown, which is now available to buy in ebook and paperback via Amazon. In January 2022 we launch our new project: The World You Gave Us. This writing project is aimed at young writers aged 25 and under and we want to know how they feel about the world they have inherited. We are looking for creative non-fiction, personal essays and opinion pieces, as well as fictional short stories and poetry. We will be working with young people who attend our writing clubs and also putting on Zoom workshops during 2022 in order to accumulate enough content for another anthology.

We have two workshops booked for the summer break!

Flash Fiction Workshop via Zoom

Place: Zoom

Date: Wednesday 17th August 2022

Time: 11am – 12.30pm

Cost: £5 per child

In this workshop aimed at 7-16 year-olds we will be looking at Flash Fiction! What it is, how to write it, top tips and more. With the aim of creating stories for our anthology The World You Gave Us, we will be discussing what makes a story a story, how to formulate ideas, how to create a character and a location and how to get started! Suitable for young writers of all abilities.

Flash Fiction Workshop via Zoom

How to write flash fiction with a view to being published in our next anthology The World You Gave Us


Flash Fiction workshop

How to write flash fiction


Dystopian/Post-Apocalyptic Workshop

Place: Zoom

Date: Wednesday 24th August

Time: 10am-12pm

Cost: £3

A workshop exploring the dystopian/post-apocalyptic genres with a view to writing stories for inclusion in our anthology The World You Gave Us. We will begin by looking at the genres, discussing common elements of the genre and talking about examples in books and films. We will also explore why its such a popular genre; why do readers like it and why do writers write it? We will then move on to gathering ideas and will learn how to create our own future or post-apocalyptic world or society. We will discuss what threats and conflicts are in this world, and we will create characters to navigate the challenges and plan a story. Suitable for young writers aged 10 and up who are interested in the genres.

Dystopian/Post-Apocalyptic Workshop – The World You Gave Us

With a view to including finished stories in our anthology The World You Gave Us – what are the common elements of dystopian/post-apocalyptic fiction and why are they so popular? Top tips on creating a world rife with conflict and challenges, and characters to navigate it.


Online Courses

We are thrilled to announce our very first online courses for young writers! Since Covid 19 interrupted normal proceedings in 2020 it has been impossible to run writing workshops in person, so we are moving them all online instead! Eventually any workshop we have previously run for adults or children will be turned into an online course or Zoom workshop.

Currently available:

Character Development For Young Writers

Incredible Creatures and Wonderful Worlds – Fantasy Writing For Kids

Mapping Your Place – Using maps To Inspire Stories

Character Development for Young Writers

Originally a workshop Chantelle ran for adults in person, this online course is a kid-friendly version aimed at writers aged 10-14

This course will encourage your child to create a basic character bio which they will add to throughout. The course discusses what makes a good story, what good characters should do, how to add back story and relationships to your character and the importance of doing so. It will also discuss how to create a memorable hero and villain, how to avoid stock and cloned characters and how to create realistic dialogue. There are writing exercises and resources along the way and Chantelle will respond personally to any comments in the comment box.

The course can be purchased via the link below and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Incredible Creatures and Wonderful Worlds – Fantasy Writing For Kids

Originally a workshop Chantelle ran for children, this online version allows young writers aged 7-16 to to work through the course at their own pace. In this course students will learn about the common elements of fantasy writing, create a fantasy world by considering location, climate, resources, culture, landscape and much more, create some incredible creatures and characters, devise character arcs for their heroes and villains, create a beautiful map for their world and plot the outline of their fantasy story.

The course is available to purchase via the link below!

Mapping Your Place – Using Maps To Inspire Stories

Originally a workshop Chantelle ran locally, Mapping Your Place has now been developed into an online course for young writers aged 7-16 years. In this course, children will be encouraged to view maps as potential stories. They will look at some real maps and either alter them or create their own map from scratch. They will then go on to create characters to inhabit the map, and add conflict and drama to their plot. With examples of mind-maps, character bios and The Three Act Structure for story-telling, there is everything here to encourage pen to paper and complete a map inspired story.

You can purchase this course on the Teachable link below!