The Chasing Driftwood 21 books for 2021 Reading Challenge!

Yearly reading challenges are great fun and often force you to try genres, styles and authors you maybe would not have otherwise. Rather than search the net for a suitable challenge we decided to come up with one of our own for 2021! This is a 21 book challenge for 2021 and if you want to take part, just use the hashtag #CDWG21bookschallenge in any posts you share!

So here is the challenge;

1. A book where the location is paramount
2. A book set in a country you have visited
3. A book set where you live or as close to it as possible
4. A play
5. A book whose title is also a song
6. A book aimed at adults where the protagonist is a child
7. A fictional book based on real events
8. A book with a one word title
9. A book where the protagonist is a different ethnicity than you
10. A short story collection
11. A book with a dual narrative written in 1st person
12 The first book in a series
13. A book about climate change
14. A post-apocalyptic book
15. A classic you have always meant to read
16. A book you wished you had studied at school
17. A book you have seen the movie adaptation of but have not read the book
18. A book where the main character is an animal
19. A book from an indie author you have never heard of
20. A book where the main character has your dream job
21. A book where the main character has a disability but the story is not about it

Quite a challenge but we think it will be fun! It would be great if a few people could join us and if you do, please do let us know how you get on!

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