Dorset Writers – Highlighting Paula Harmon

Hello everyone! Here at Chasing Driftwood Writing Group we are passionate about supporting local authors as there are just so many talented people in the area. Today we are highlighting Blandford author Paula Harmon to help celebrate the release of her next novel Murder Saturnalia Book 3. As well as being a prolific author Paula was also one of the people behind the wonderful Blandford Literary Festival. Below you will find a link to a video interview Sim did with Paula very recently. Enjoy!

And here is the blurb and links to Paula’s latest book:

Coming out on 18th February 2021 – the third in the Murder Britannica series. AD 192 in South West Britain. Escaping his Aunt Lucretia’s efforts to marry him off even to shy Adriane, Fabio joins his friend Petros for an undercover operation in the small town of Vademlutra where rebellion is rumoured. Convinced all he has to do is pretend to be poor and spend time in the tavern, his plans are thwarted by the discovery of a lost young woman in the woods. Unaware of Fabio’s location, Lucretia also arrives in Vademlutra to spend time with Adriane’s family for the Roman festival of Saturnalia and pursue her own agenda. With the town cut off by snow, even Dun, the ex-grave-robber is dismayed when an unexpected death makes him realise that diversifying might not have been a good idea. As Saturnalia passes and the darker traditions of winter solstice approach, Fabio, Petros, Adriane and Dun must put aside their differences and work together to save not only another life but the whole town from Roman retribution.

Get the book here!

Find out more about Paula Harmon here!

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